08 June 2012

[This is why brainstorming was invented, Tilde.]

Hum, hum, hum... Hummm... Humming all the way from YouTube to here on this.
Na, na, na...

Oh and today in the bus Fancy sat next to me and went more hyper then usually. Wiggo sat in the seet in front of us. So Fancy recorded him with her phone telling him to do things like "look cute" "Look hot" (Haha!) and he like put his hair to the side... Well, if he wouldn't report me to the police (He wouldn't have to know, right?) I could maybe upload one here sometime...
And we cleaned out or desks today. At last Elsa got to get the spray bottle thing with the stinking chemical "x" (it maybe wasn't really, but...) to write "1D" but it went out of spray before she could finish the "D" off!

So after living after this rule, since I kind of never went to bed(...), for weeks, summer vacation is coming... And a lot of waking up ten A.M.. Yay!
~ Tilde needs to go to bed...


  1. Ahh kinda like my situation with Carrie and Jacob liking each other. And now I'm kind of getting a crush on this Logan guy, and it's a very real possibility that we could possibly someday be more than friends, but Carrie likes him too and he'll fall for her so much easier than he would for me. Fm[love]l
    I hope your love life goes better.
    And I don't think the secrets really count as long as no one has your blog. Like, the only "real life" friend that has my blog is Gabrielle, and she's half-way across the world so ya know. XD

    1. I guess Kiall is my Carrie. Thought Kiall seems much nicer.
      ~ Tilde

    2. Carrie is actually really, really nice...well, she can be really mean but she usually isn't. She's just really pretty and has a great personality and pretty much every guy wants her. :P I probably make her sound terrible but it's not like she's trying to steal the guys I like; they have their own minds. XD


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