11 November 2012

Wearing Plaid Shirts Makes Me Feel Like Liam Payne

The member's of Harold's army love me, it's clear that I'm meant to be his wife. ;)

All my photo programs on my computer keep messing around ...

Going to go read some (Wow, I feel smart.)!

xo Tilde!

07 November 2012

An Old Post That Never Got Published

The Light Inside the Ash

Additional note of November 7th 2012:

I haven't been able to post since Google told me I  have passed the free photo limit. This post was laying around so I thought I'd post this for now.
I'm right now trying to solve the problem by deleting the bunch of posts I have in draft (that will not be posted).

P.S. I think these were taken sometime in August this year ...

See you later,
xo Tilde!