19 July 2012

Photos of Flowers

I haven't posted in a while...
I like this One Direction song, good job shuffler.
I've been quite busy (Ahah; "busy" as in sitting by the computer watching YouTube videos and eating cookies all day) This changing between my iMac and PC confuses me, the keyboards are different (You have to push down the letters/buttons harder on the PC. And the apostrophe on the iMac is where the return button, not sure about that name, is on the PC), and everything (Don't really know why I put that in these letters since it is literally everything) in on the opposite side.
Theory; Mac was created for left handed people and PC for right handed? Haha, that's pathetic.
Oh, I love Horchata!
More posts coming very soon, I just uploaded the two memory cards from my camera to my computer...!

10 July 2012

The Bed Decision

We'll soon start fixing on my new room, and for it I'll need a new bed...
But I can't decide which one since I right now have two top favorites...

First we have this double bed from IKEA called "Leirvik".
Positives: I love the style of it.
I won't grow out of a double bed.
And who wouldn't love to have a big bed?
Negatives: I'm scared it'll take up way too much space in my room.

Next we have this daybed, also from IKEA, called "Hemnes daybed".
Positives: I have always been in love with daybeds, and now I have the chance to get my very own!
It also has storage underneath (The boxes).
And you can use it as a couch.
And last, but not least - it does have a lot of charm for being a bed.
Negatives: I do somehow feel a bit of a claustrophobic feeling in beds that stand right next to the wall, ahah.
And I'm not so sure if it's so comfortable...

I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts!

08 July 2012


Photos snippets from from our family reunion.
The boy up there is also a syslo { aka. second cousin} of mine, his name is Henrik.
We got some cake over from yesterday so some family friends are coming over in an hour...