10 June 2012

Let's say...

Hi, I love lovely songs. (As I opened a new window to find that video, the song went on on my phone. Coincedink!)



I know that was over fifty photos in one post... Feel free to kill me.
Well, these photos I took with Fancy (Obviously...) last Wednesday. It was Sweden's national day, so on the eve our village had this "Village day" where everyone who wants to in the village gather up at the like big house that belongs to the village where we have soccer courts and such. We have this thing where you walk around and answer questions. Like a quiz. I and Fancy placed first among the children with one wrong answer. She got glow sticks as a prize, and I "the pencils I've always dreamed of" (I felt a bit sarcastic at the moment.)
Well, love this, it will never get old, ever.
~ Tilde will have to go clean now, save me.


  1. Asdfghjkl; okay can I just say two things
    First of all I'm jealous of Fancy's total model skills. I want model skills.
    Second I'm jealous of your photography skills. I want your photography skills.
    And I LOVE that One Direction song<3

    1. I'm also jealous of her "skills"... Haha, I'm so pathetic.
      Wow, thank you so much Jordan! I used to (And still do) your AG photography.
      Is it possible not to?
      ~ Tilde


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