21 June 2012


Fårö is an island that belongs to Gotland.
So first I thought of posting all the photos taken on my trip in one post. But as I realized I actually thought a lot of them were really pretty... Than I really mean a lot. So I decided, why don't I just post photos in groups from when I took them? And with every post I'll tell something special that happened on my trip.

When I climbed those cliffs I didn't fall, I didn't get hurt at all. Well, as I bent down to tie my shoe laces again. I tied them and that went fine, but then when I stood up I somehow slipped on a rock. I fell into a bush, got little pointy things all over me, and rubbed my legs so they started to bleed...

While in a golf restaurant (We didn't play, we just ate there) a blues version of the song "Cry Me a River" went on. And I automatically thought of Liam's audition for The X-factor.
Then in the car on our way back home the original of "Torn" came on the radio. One Direction has sang this song, so of course I had to listen to it!
~ Tilde's torn.


  1. Asdfghjkl;
    Skinny Love
    Okay thank you for introducing this perfection to me

    Those are gorgeous pictures! I love the ones with you in them, they just add so much character than scenery or still life pictures, you know? :)

    You look like you had fun!


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