28 March 2013


The mornings when you don't have to stress are actually quite lovely.


27 March 2013

The Tap

I'm on spring break and I'm bored - expect more like this. Though, hopefully, it will be a bit more interesting.


26 March 2013

Waffles Day

Yesterday was Waffles Day here in Sweden. Did you have any waffles?
I tried putting Nutella on them and it was really good! What do you prefer on your waffles? Haha!


24 March 2013

Blog Buttons

I've been wanting to make a "blog button" for a long time and finally decided to do so, too.
They're not the best, I took some photos from November last year. But I can't wait until the weather gets better, so here they are:

125 x 125
The Air Witch
250 x 100
The Air Witch
250 x 100
The Air Witch
250 x 100
The Air Witch
I know the size of the rectangular ones is a bit weird. I'm going to make more when I can go outside without catching a cold!
I would love to do an ad swap with you!
The only rule is that your blog has got to have something to do with at least one of these subjects:
Crafting (Scrapbooking, Sewing, Knitting, Wood Work, Crochet, etc.)
Art (Drawing, Painting, etc.)
It's totally free, just email me at tildeanna@ymail.com with a link to your blog (Keep in mind that you got to have a blog button grab box on your blog so that I can grab your button!). If you need a different sized button, please include that in your email, too.
For your button to be put on my blog, I'd prefer it not to be over 200 x 125, thank you!
The first button can also be found to the left. Underneath it is a button that, if you click it, will take you to a page with all the other buttons above.
I've also changed a few other things on here, like the banner, but that doesn't have anything to do with this so I'll talk about that later!

Also, if you don't know already, Google Friend Connect is shutting down on july 1st this year. If you use Blogger to follow blogs I suggest that you should get a Bloglovin account. You can easily transfer all the blogs you follow with Google Friend Connect to Bloglovin.
If you'd like to get informed about my future posts, please Follow my blog with Bloglovin!
That's all for now!

18 March 2013

Haul - H&M, Cubus

Yesterday me and my mom went shopping! I got a little sick by the car ride but it disappeared quite fast.
We got there two hours before they closed so it was a bit stressful since there were a lot of stores that I wanted to go to.
We made it to H&M and Cubus and this is what I got:

Striped Shorts With Braided Belt - H&M - 149 SEK
They're a bit big for me so the belt comes in handy. But I have my time to grow in them - it's going to snow again tomorrow ...

Crochet Shorts - H&M - 199 SEK
I've been wanting a pair of crochet shorts for so long and I absolutely love these!

Striped Skirt - H&M - 149 SEK
We were in quite a hurry when they were closing and bought these to try on at home cause I needed (and still do) another pair of shorts. When I come home and try them on I discover that it's not a pair of shorts, but a skirt. Not something I normally would have bought, but I like it!

Striped Pants - H&M - 179 SEK
 A bit different and really cool! They're a bit big in the back though ... But we're going to try to solve that with some sewing!

Sweater - Cubus - 199 SEK
The fabric in this shirt is so soft!

Shorts - Cubus - 149 SEK
These are really soft too, haha!

Hoodie - Cubus - 249 SEK
A comfortable, breezy, salmon-colored zip-up hoodie which is great right now cause our house is really cold! Burr ...

Should I do more hauls? :)


07 March 2013


I'm sorry that I haven't posted in over a month. I'm just too lazy to get around it.
I'm still not really feeling it. I don't know when the next time that I post something, will be.
I have one, a bit annoying, question:
Does anyone read my blog?
Sorry, I'd just like to know. It's not that I don't think my possible readers do enough. I just feel like there's not really a need to continue if there's no one that appreciates it.

Another, less annoying I hope, question:
What would you like to see?
I have a lot of old photos in my iPhoto library, that are taken this fall to March. Would you like to see them?
Posts about my day(?)
More or less photos(?)
My art(?)
Or something else(?)
Some people have told me that they'd like to see posts about what I wear, etc. I could try to get around doing that if I know there's still someone how'd like to see it.
I want to write a blog that you would appreciate. Still it will be in my way. So opinions and ideas are very welcome, though they might not all be followed.

Now going back a bit to normal, some photos ...

Au revoir!