22 June 2012


Avaeken is said to be around 1000 years old. It's oak tree that Carl von Linne, who gave the plants names in Latin, sat under it himself. Sadly we couldn't go in there for some reason. But I took some photos!



When we finally arrived at the place where the cabins were (I guess you could call it a camping) we saw small little black cabins in sick-sack rows. I thought there was were we were going to park our cars... It showed out we were going to live in one of those. Ahahah... Well, it was pretty OK there. I got to sleep up on my loft, but for the two last nights I moved down to the bunk beds.

21 June 2012


Fårö is an island that belongs to Gotland.
So first I thought of posting all the photos taken on my trip in one post. But as I realized I actually thought a lot of them were really pretty... Than I really mean a lot. So I decided, why don't I just post photos in groups from when I took them? And with every post I'll tell something special that happened on my trip.

When I climbed those cliffs I didn't fall, I didn't get hurt at all. Well, as I bent down to tie my shoe laces again. I tied them and that went fine, but then when I stood up I somehow slipped on a rock. I fell into a bush, got little pointy things all over me, and rubbed my legs so they started to bleed...

While in a golf restaurant (We didn't play, we just ate there) a blues version of the song "Cry Me a River" went on. And I automatically thought of Liam's audition for The X-factor.
Then in the car on our way back home the original of "Torn" came on the radio. One Direction has sang this song, so of course I had to listen to it!
~ Tilde's torn.