16 April 2013

What To Name This?

I took quite a few photos of my dolls. If anyone would like to see them please tell me! :)
Sorry for not posting for a while.
I'm going to bed!

Good night,

03 April 2013

Theo - The Cat In The Strawberry Box

As always when photographing animals, they move.
But I actually like how the only thing in focus here is Theo's eye.


Hope you're having a great day!


02 April 2013

Munther The Owl

Random Fact About Tilde #1: I love owls!

I hope you had a lovely day so far, and that it will be even more lovely!


01 April 2013

Tilde Thinks She's Interesting #1

I have dark green eyes.
I'm thirteen years young.
People call me "weird", I wonder why ...
I saw "Oz The Great And Powerful" today and now I want to be friends with that china-doll.
Compliments make me feel weird, I still love them though.
I'M A FISHY! No I'm not but I always look weird in photos, not just in photos ...
I live and was born in Sweden. (This is where I could write something about how it isn't really as cold over here as people think it is - but honestly, we still have snow and it's April 1st.)
I have a Canon Rebel t3i/EOS 600D and her name is Lydia.
I cropped this photo cause I'm not even sure what was going on with my face.
Oh, and I have a crush on Liam Payne.
I'm a proud Directioner since a year back.
I look so dramatic here. Though mostly, I walk around laughing like an idiot cause I can't hold my laugh in.
My favorite movies are probably "Coraline", "The Bridge To Terabithia" and the Harry Potter series. GRYFFINDOR IN MY HEART.
My favorite ice cream flavors are coconut, pineapple and coffee - or whatever ice cream that's Italian.
Me and Liam's shipping name is TiLiam. #officiallydatingintildesdreams
My favorite actress is AnnaSophia Robb.
My favorite animals are cats, owls and lemurs.


Now you know some about me.
These dots are really starting to bore me.

Today was April 1st, did you pull any good jokes?

See you later!