01 June 2012

Good day y'all lovely ones.

As you might have noticed I feel a bit random.
I pretty much enjoyed my day today.
I mean; having Viggo acting like a worm because you tell him he is one, seeing Fancy getting her juice over her, singing Euphoria on recces with Tori and hearing Pontus sing.

I might write more when I feel like it. For now; here are some photos from today xD

From this morning, in the school bus xD

And in the bus going to art class xD

And in a book store xD Fancy actually got that, it's a friends book with freakely fitting horoscopes...

Our favorite shelf! xD

Please don't ask... xD

And what I spent half an hour of Art class in... Fan pages on Facebook are full of pics, you know xD
Naw, Liam :)

M'nut's scared of Kevin! :O xD

Life's damn lovely,
Tilde (:

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