10 July 2013

Being Non Absent


I've been pretty busy lately, as you might have noticed, and I'm sorry about the absence of posts.
What have I been up to?
I've ended 6th grade.
Been to Minnesota.
Been to American Girl store, Mall of America.
Met awesome people.
Dined at the American Girl store.
Watched a 4th of July parade.
Bought too many shorts - according to my mom.
Watched 4th of July fireworks.
Shopped at the American Girl store.
Discovered how great the new Instagram video feature is.
Discovered that Instagram's hobby is deleting videos and being evil. (OK, I already knew that.)
Had extremely yummy berry pie at Perkins.
Been to Sea World at Mall of America.
Enjoyed a family reunion.
.. And so much more that I hope to post about sometime in the near future!

Here's a few Instagram photos from some of the things that I mentioned above:

Chilling on the train on our way to the airport!

On the airplane!

Mariah trying a cape on.

Doesn't it look a bit like a flower?

Becca and her date.

Family reunion cuties!

See you soon,