28 May 2012

Searching through your past

I found some old pictures (Old and old, from like March this year...) so here you go...

Out of focus, Tilde...

Crazy bokeh...

The crazy bokeh is back!

Thought my mom took this.

Red eyes...

I wrote some weird poems today because of my extreme boredom...

Dare to dream.
If you’re scared to dream, just dare. Dare to dream.
Live the life you wish for.
Just dare to dream.
Dream for a future.
Dare, don’t be scared, dare. It’s not dangerous; it’s just future for us.

After you’ve lost your all, there’s nothing else left but to fall. But people that fall don’t have to get hurt, at least not further than they already are.

I know they sound like song lyrics, they could become one day (:
Have a great day/evening,

The hammock

My day today was full of me, Kiall and Tori singing this to the bottom of our lungs xD
- We met this rapper online.
- He's so adorable, he's nine.
- Hey, back up ladies. His mine. You're getting in my way!
- He makes good videos too.
- Invite him out to our shoot.
- His older brother is cute!
- Still getting in my way.

- I love this lip gloss!
- Hey, that's the one that I bought!
- Look!
- I can't tell from this far.
- Where you think you're going - pinch me.

I'll never get tired of that xD
And all that started with that the clothes I wore today reminded me of Cimorelli's "Call Me Maybe" music video.
God Tilde xD

27 May 2012

Chalk drawings

My, Elsa, Tori and Fancy's doodle.
As I told you about my latest obsession, I now have a few new.
Happy mother's day, mom!
See you later,
Tilde (:

Culture Day

Caramel apples! Caramel apples! Caramel apples!

Today I've been obsessing over these fantastic sisters (: And this, I just die when I here it. I am officially addicted, and also to this. Thank you Kiall! :)

If only...

If only this could last forever. This feeling I have. That I can reach whatever I want, whatever I'd like. I could get whatever I need. No matter the cost. 'Cause it aint just dreaming, it's believing.
I hope for in what i believe, I know it will sometime happen. Whatever ever cost. Because it's written, somewhere in my mind. That it is chosen, as long as you believe.
It will happen one day.
- Tilde

















Now as I finished writing this Eurovision song contest just ended. We won! Sweden won! Loreen won! She was my favorite from the beginning in the Swedish competition! That means we will be hosting Eurovision Song Contest here next year! Me and my friends are right now flipping out on facebook... xD
P.S. When we took the photos of Fancy and her money, the wind took it and it flew away and she screamed at me to catch it and so I did xD