08 June 2012

The new hair cut

So, yesterday I got my hair cut. It used to be below my waist so having it a way below your shoulders is for me really short.

That was pretty much it about my hair...
~ Tilde the short haired monkey.


  1. Is that YOU? :D You're so prettaay! Well I like the haircut (even if I never saw the original style XD)

    I was growing my hair out long for a really long time after I cut it really short (like a bob cut) but recently I cut it about shoulder-length and all my friends were like "I like it longer," and I was pretty much like "Idgaf I like it." XD I'm growing it back out though, like mid-back length, because I just really want long hair<3

    1. Wow, thank you Jordan! I bet you're the only person on earth who thinks that thought xD
      Well, I used to have shoulder length bangs so now as I cut my hair it's all the same length.
      ~ Tilde


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