12 June 2012

Summer, here we come!

Hi, it's Tilde here (:
So, about an hour ago I ended school, and so fifth grade. I'm not sure if I'm totally happy thought.
Mom drove me to school today (Yay!) since she was going to be home from work until after we finished our singing and such. So I got there and Tori and I walked inside together and she kept on repeating she didn't know (She moved from Denmark this winter) everyone (girls than) wore dresses on these days, she wasn't. So she thought it was awkward, more awkward for us I'd say... xD

Then, after Elsa had somehow forced Oliver to - but I think he just said that as an excuse, he told Kiall she looked good! Haha :)

Well, the fifth-sixth graders class did much better. They sang this song :) The title means; "Summer times".

So I, I am extremely shy... hugged Kiall, Tori, Elsa, Helena, our principal (Everyone hates her, including me...) and Mirjam (twice xD). And said "farewell" to M'nut (We are weird peps.) xD
Oh and in Fancy's card I wrote "Mom? - Yes, oh..." It's from a movie we love. We laugh so hard every time we say that xD

Here are some pictures from today!

Tori! Sweetie!


Apparently Fancy thought this one was good so I added it in, haha.

What am I doing?

So upside down, Tilde. 
Attempting some Kiall photos (Her Facebook profile, I'm just saying...)

Haha, crappy mirror picture.

Summer Paradise is the simple plan for my summer.


  1. Awesome!!
    You guys look like you had fun. :D


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