08 July 2012


She's not my cousin, she's my syslo {A word I made up, meaning; the same as "second cousin"} - but it's a great song anyway!

Is it only me or does this somehow look like a sea...?

We had family reunion on my mom's side for my grandma's birthday yesterday.
This is my syslo Tuva - I adore her curls. Ahah.
We also celebrated my mom's birthday - and mine - so a post about birthday gifts will come very soon!


  1. Okay, that is officially the cutest cat picture ever XD
    I love your syslo's curls too! Curly hair is so pretty. (:

    1. Thank you, Jordan!
      I know, right? I am actually thinking about curling my own once again...
      ~ Tilde


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