02 July 2012

Da-da-da-da-dum, da-dum, da-dum...

The last part was maybe not the original lyrics...

This was taken by my mom.

Taken by my mom

This is also taken by my mom

And so is this.

Photos from a beach on Gotland, I to be honest don't remember anything that I haven't mentioned already, from there. But I thought I could just write something else.
So, I started reading in my book Där Drömmar Blir Till, by Emma Andersson. I now end up reading about twenty pages every evening. I really like it, and recommend it. Thought what I know there is no translated version of it, since it's in Swedish... And she has her own blog, too.
And I've been obsessing over the song I'm yours by Jason Mraz lately, singing it to the bottom of my lungs and replaying it on Spotify all day.


  1. Ooo! I love that last picture. I love old barns, cottages, etc. in photographs. ^_^


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