10 July 2012

The Bed Decision

We'll soon start fixing on my new room, and for it I'll need a new bed...
But I can't decide which one since I right now have two top favorites...

First we have this double bed from IKEA called "Leirvik".
Positives: I love the style of it.
I won't grow out of a double bed.
And who wouldn't love to have a big bed?
Negatives: I'm scared it'll take up way too much space in my room.

Next we have this daybed, also from IKEA, called "Hemnes daybed".
Positives: I have always been in love with daybeds, and now I have the chance to get my very own!
It also has storage underneath (The boxes).
And you can use it as a couch.
And last, but not least - it does have a lot of charm for being a bed.
Negatives: I do somehow feel a bit of a claustrophobic feeling in beds that stand right next to the wall, ahah.
And I'm not so sure if it's so comfortable...

I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts!

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  1. Hmm...I'd say that it comes down to your claustrophobia, because if you aren't comfortable in it, it's not worth it. I'm used to a queen sized bed (I've always had one) so I prefer big beds; I like being about to stretch out over the entire thing. I'm not claustrophobic at all, so I would be fine with the daybed. It looks cute and kind of cozy, but I don't know...it doesn't look particularly comfortable as a bed.

    I guess I'd probably go with the daybed, because I like storage and small places...but I like big beds...ACK, the decisions... >_<


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