16 October 2012

Mom's 50th Birthday

Sunday ...

"Five minutes to mom's birthday!"

Monday ...

Wind + long shutter time ...

The camera lightning annoys me so much ...

Once again; the wind and long shutter time ...


Mom turned fifty yesterday. It meant she got the day off work, and could pick me up after school. Though I asked her if she really wanted to, it was actually her birthday; not mine.
We went grocery-shopping, and she got a cake for free from a store. We haven't tasted it yet, though.
We also went to a store that had soda streamers on sale, though they were sold out. But we ordered one! Sparkling water whenever I want it! :)
We went in a book store, too. I wanted a cake baking book, but mom said we had a lot at home ... But the cakes in it looked really cool, and of course really yummy!
The food store where we got the cake also had a special offer on Ben & Jerry's ice cream - if you bought two packages you got the second one for half price!

I got "The Vermonster", a fave of mine!
And I decided to try a new one ... "Dough-ble Whammy"!
One of Ben & Jerry's "cores":) With "a soft chocolate fudge core surrounded by chocolate and cookie dough ice creams with cookie dough chunks" - sounds yummy to me!

Well when we got home and had unpacked the house, it was time to leave again! Mom had got a gift-card from her brother and his family, for a restaurant by a lake. I, mom and grandmother went there and had a three-course dinner. Jerusalem artichoke soup, duck and warm apples with some sort of ice cream, it was pretty ok. :)

Well, that's it for now!
P.S. Happy belated birthday mom!


  1. These are so beautiful! <3 The foggy window with the lights shining through is just gorgeous. My favorite.

    1. Thank you so much, Jordan! :)
      x Tilde


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