28 October 2012

Fish Gratin, Lovely T-Shirts, Instagram And School

It seems like the order of all the photos and videos I uploaded this weekend have got messed up, for example "IMG_8557" is right after "IMG_8566"...
Just thought I'd post, even though this is very boring.
I have quite a lot of photos that I took this weekend, it was really sunny on the Saturday last week and it just made all the warm fall-colors pop!
Me and my dad are maybe going to TIVOLI on this Saturday. I'm gonna ask a friend I haven't seen in a long time, to come with me. And I'll also bring my camera! I really hope she can come; I need to work on my portrait-skills!
I'm not so much for rides and that stuff, but there will be a lot of special things for Halloween! I'll try to capture it all! ;) I just hope I won't get to motion-sick from the car and train-rides, going there ...
(Note: this part of the post was written this Thursday)

Lately I've been posting a lot of photos on my Instagram. I think I've posted 100 photos, just over the latest week! I still hope to get 50 likes on a photo in two minutes, like Nathalie ... ;)

Every time I wear the shirt I wore this Thursday, I think of the song "Everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson. (That was also linked in the beginning of this post)

It says "Everyone falls in (love)", not exactly but I suppose it's the message. I think it's really cute, but it's not really anything I'd wear. Well, now I have, but ... It was a morning-clothing-crises ... XD
I got it in Italy when I and mom went this April, along with two other T-shirts in the same style.
But, I've changed a bit since than ... At least my style has. I'm not really a found of T-shirts, at least not the ones with the classic style.

Well, now that I've bored you with the story of my shirt I might as well talk some about school Thursday ...
Is there anything more boring? Well, today yesterday it was actually pretty - ok - really fun.

Quotation from Thursday:
"Zayn's hair looks like a cinnamon bun"

Epic top comment:

"Liam: (picks up the mic)Niall: No Liam you said I go go first this time!Zayn: whoa! whoa! whoa! but you promised me!Louis: (pulls out a spoon) you filthy peasant! you said i could go first!Liam: (jumping back in terror) WHOA THERE!!! you really wern't kidding about carrying spoons everywhere in case i annoyed you?!Loius: of course not you fool now let me sing!Harry: (grabs the mic) Circles...we going in circles..."
 I bet that has happened ;)


Well, as I mentioned earlier, school was quite fun this Thursday!
On lunch-reccess it rained so we were allowed to stay inside! We all sat in the classroom and watched "Oliver And Company", though only the last half. They had watched the first half before, but I missed it cause was sick.
Oliver seemed very excited to watch it, I wonder why ...
The movie started at this scene ...
For some reason Nathalie said it was Kes, and well ... It got very funny.
And we watched it in Swedish, where her voice was even more hilarious.

And Nathalie kept on sarcastically commenting how "deep" this song was ...

Then when that little dog called the poodle "croissant", I and Nathalie, we both have French as Extra Language, started laughing a lot. Then we both agreed that croissants were really good, and we said "especially the ones with chocolate" at the same time. Haha! :)

Then on the next recess was in the school's gymnasium, which isn't very big. I had two ropes tied together and used it as a swing.

The last lesson we walked over to the canteen, which is in a separate house across the road. We usually eat there (we ate in the classroom this day) but this we went there because they had a "Culture Day" where old ladies and men were showing off old parts of Sweden's culture.

We had been drawing pictures to be a part of it, on the art lessons, and we had went there this Wednesday to put them up.
I and a few others got to stay a little longer than the others to fix the last stuff, and we ended up re-aranging a whole wall. Well, I think it turned out good! Also Nathalie tried to learn how to fly, and Mirjam got ... a makeover.

Well, back to Thursday!

One lady was weaving, one was planting her own pears - which we got to taste - and much more. I and Nathalie found it quite funny how everyone who was there showing their work had name tags that said either "tant" or "farbror" before their names - which basically means "old lady" and "old man".
There was also a very delicious homemade chocolate-toffee, which of you were only allowed to take one each ... Let's say we took a few more than one ...
When the lady who had made them then said you were allowed to take more, I and Nathalie dived in for the two last ones ...
Then My tried to steal mine ...

We showed some old men ladies the drawings our school and the elementary school's students had made. I was surprised that this man, who looked like he was something around 80 years old, could see what my drawing, that was in the style of anime, was.

And when a man with an accordion started playing downstairs, Nathalie started dancing with Josefin and My.

Now let's talk some about how school was this Friday ...
I got motion sick on the bus to French lessons at another school ...
Elsa and Wiggo got married, divorced and got married again, at biology lesson ...
And ... Not much more, really.

Sitting here making a beat to the background music of "Pettson och Findus"(animated children tv-show) :)

And what do you think about the names:
"The Girl Who Could Fly"
"The Flying Girl"
"The Girl That Was Taken By the Wind"
"The Girl That Went With The Wind"
"The Girl Believed In Magic"
"The Girl Who Believed In Magic"
"The Girl Who Could Control the Wind"
"The Girl Who Controlled the Wind"
"The Girl Who Controls the Wind"
... And now I'm thinking I should maybe just go with "Tilde Deanna", which are my first and middle names ... Though it feels too boring for me. Ough, how hard it is to come up with a good blog name.

P.S. The wind and flying - theme when it came to the blog name ideas, has to do with that my zodiac sign, which is Aquarius, is an air-sign. I'm a little weird and believe in it like I could control the wind, but that's who I am so I thought it'd fit good for a blog name.

Bye for now,
x Tilde!

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