20 October 2012

Boring Photos, Thank Yous And Questions

Boring photography ...

I love Hay Lin's room, and I'm using it as a little inspiration for mine!

I found this adorable photo of Liam Payne when he was younger! :)
And a question...
About changing the name of this blog, I have a few ideas.
They are not fantastic, but ...
"Tilde And Camera"
"Tilde And Her Camera"
"Tilde With Camera"
"Tilde With Her Camera"
"Witch With Camera"
"Witch And Camera"
"A Witch And Her Camera"
"A Witch With Her Camera"
The "witch" part just came from ... I don't know really. I guess it's about my dreams of one day discovering I have magical powers ... So the witch would be me.
I feel they are all boring, but I don't have anything else and I don't want something I'd grow out off ...
I feel kind of desperate for ideas, so I'd love to hear anything from you!

And thank you so much for 1000 views on the blog!
When I first looked today it said "999 views" and when I checked a little later ... "1001 views"! Especial thank you to you, My! ;)

Going to my grandma later today, hopefully there will be some photos!

See you later,
x Tilde


  1. What's your middle name? Because you could just do "Tilde ___"

  2. I like Tilde and Camera or Witch with Camera. (:

  3. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
    Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
    love you dear :)


  4. Love all of your photographs especially the piano keys! Newest follower :)


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