28 May 2012

The hammock

My day today was full of me, Kiall and Tori singing this to the bottom of our lungs xD
- We met this rapper online.
- He's so adorable, he's nine.
- Hey, back up ladies. His mine. You're getting in my way!
- He makes good videos too.
- Invite him out to our shoot.
- His older brother is cute!
- Still getting in my way.

- I love this lip gloss!
- Hey, that's the one that I bought!
- Look!
- I can't tell from this far.
- Where you think you're going - pinch me.

I'll never get tired of that xD
And all that started with that the clothes I wore today reminded me of Cimorelli's "Call Me Maybe" music video.
God Tilde xD


  1. Oh my gosh. MattyB + Call Me Maybe is just absolutely perfect. XD XD XD It's SO accurate. I have a feeling I'd be the one who's all "Where you think you're going-ah, pinch me.." XD TOTALLY learning the lyrics to this.

    1. Good, then you can sing along with me, Kiall and Tori xD
      ~ Tilde the fluffied chocolate chicken.


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