21 May 2012

Dear journal...

Hi, I'm Tilde. This is my very first post, and I hope for many more to come. I guess this is when I should tell some things about me, so here you go...
My name is Tilde {Pronounced "Till-deh"}, thought I already told you that.
I'm twelve years, three months and eight days old to be exact.
I'm quite mature for my age I must say... Thought not boring, more too non-boring. Gosh, that sounded bratty xD
I like to use smileys to express myself, even when not writing on a computer...
I have about 20 cats, no -- I'm not some crazy cat lady. (The most of them live outside)
I have my own style when it comes to clothing, just what I like basically.
I love to write, I don't really know if I'm good... But it's fun (:
I used to have something you'd call a talent in drawing. I don't know if I have anymore, since I don't really find the time to it...
I love One Direction, especially Liam -- my husband.
When it comes to music I also like Laleh, a Swedish singer with her own style, First Aid Kit, two Swedish sisters that have traditional Swedish music mixed with newer sound, Taylor Swift, mostly the lyrics thought, A little bit One Republic.
I make up my own words...
I name things, my camera is Lydia.
I guess that is all for now...
Oh, and I am quite ridiculous and make sound affects to what I say. At least Tori thinks it's positive...
And I love photography (:
Here is my week in pictures, quite weird I must say... xD
P.S. I'm twelve if I didn't mention that, and I live in Sweden (: Wait I did mention that, it must be true I am very confused xD

Those are two of my best friends. Fancy (Blond crazy gall) is my neighbor and official sister. Tori (The nice and sweet brunette) is a new friend or how'd you express it...
P.S. Happy birthday Wiggo! Oh, gosh... xD
P.P.S. That freckled girl, that's me. :)
See you later,
Tilde (:


  1. You look like you had a fun week! XD

    My cousin lives in Germany and she looks a lot like your friend, Fancy. XD Ahh, I miss Gabby. :P Hopefully I get to spend a week or two with her this summer!

    I wish my friends wanted to take pictures when they are over at my house! XD They aren't photographic/photogenic (so they say, they lie)..then again, I never have friends over because my mom is a neat-freak and thinks we need to deep-clean the house before AND after they're over. *fail*

    Have a fabulous day,

  2. I guessed I had (:
    Hope she'll come :)
    Well, I wish my friends wanted to more often. I mean Fancy wants to sometimes but others think I'm annoying...
    ~ Tilde ;)


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