09 April 2014

See You Soon!


I'm writing this post cause, well, I feel terrible.
I just reached ten bloglovin followers, which I very much appreciate and really made my day so much better. But I just want to make a post to explain myself, somewhat. And I want to do that now and not later.
This post will be deleted since I still want to make a special 100th post. I'll probably post some kind of better explanation later, but I just want to have this said;

For now I have lots of stuff to finish in school, so I'm trying to cut down on the other things in life that makes me feel like I have to finish that, do that and fix that...
I still want to blog, but I feel the posts would just be better if I did it when I had the time to enjoy it too and not feel guilty for not doing something else that I actually have to do.
I've also not been feeling very well lately, otherwise I might have already been able to bring my blog back to life.
I have up to one year old photos that I still want to post. I hope people would still enjoy looking at them, even though it all happened a year ago...
So my goal is to try to catch up with things and eventually start my blog up again with both new posts and old posts that never got the chance to even get written.
I understand if you all won't be hanging along waiting for that day, but I'll be happy to hear from anyone who's still around when I post my next real blog post.
I can't promise when it will be, but I can promise that it will be the start of a more constant blog post-flow from me.
I can't wait to see you all again - I really miss blogging and reading your comments!

- Tilde

P.S. I know these "I'm sorry blah, blah, blah..." posts are very boring to read and well, don't look great on your blog. And I know I've explained myself once before, but I just wanted this said.
Also, my Instagram photos in the left sidebar aren't visible right now, because I made my account private because of some personal drama... I'm hoping to make it public again soon.

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