12 December 2013

A Day With Angel

Hello people!
This is Tilde, obviously.

So - excuses, excuses. I've heard people don't like to hear them so many times, but I do feel like I need to explain myself. Not that I'm sure how to do that.
Anyhow, now is not the time for that.
I've removed my latest post (from July...) because, well. I want to make this special 100th post, and that post was my 99th post, which means my next post will the 100th - which would be this.
I want to make this post now, not stress together something for 100th post before I post this, so the pot form July will probably be my 101st post, once it's reposted.
So even if you didn't understand what I just said, here goes the post...

My mom told me today that our friend's dog is being put down tonight. In the piles of un-posted photos I have in my computer, there are some of her (the dog).
She's a very adorable 17-year old dog, and her name's Angel.

These photos were taken on the 28th of June, a lovely day I, Mariah and Olivia spent with Angel:

Nope, the rain was not that yummy - time to go inside!

A photobomb!

We will miss you, Angel!

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  1. That's soo sad! Angel was so cute. xox



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