21 May 2013

Blog Anniversary

Today it is one year since I first posted on this blog.
That very first blogpost can be found here.
A lot has changed since than. A lot is still the same.
Throughout this last year I've experienced so much. Some things I wish never had happened, some things I wish that I will remember forever.

Every choice is a new beginning.
Every beginning is a change.
Every change is not a choice.
But what you want to come out of it, is.

There, I went a little artsy-writer-something-ish. You've probably heard tons of stuff like that before, but take a moment to actually think about it.
This past year I've, as I mentioned, went through a lot of changes. Of course I have! I'm a living creature in a world that's always changing - how could I avoid it? The answer is; I can't. You can't.
Changes can be big or small - they can turn your world upside-down or simply just shake it a little. But wether it's a gigantic or teeny-tiny change, you're going to get something out of it. If that something is good or bad is up to you - it's your choice.
Now I don't think you have to look at everything in life with a big smile. My mom calls me a pessimist - which might be true - but why does that have to be something bad? The other day we were talking about that.
I tried to explain how I rather expected things to go bad instead of good. That way, when something does turn out bad, I don't get so deeply hit by it. But if it does end up going good, I get surprised and the amount of joy is double!
It's really the way you look at things that chooses what you see of them. Turn the box, umbrella, hedgehog (make sure you're wearing gloves first, though!), friend, situation around and look at it with a different perspective.
Don't come to any different conclusion? Hang in there, try again tomorrow - after all; a new change is soon going to come along and turn your world downside-up!



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