13 May 2013

Behind The Scenes Of A Dolly Photo Shoot

Harry wonders who it is that has encroached his flowerbed.

Better go smell her and find out who she is!

Not sure what this is.

What you need:
A waterproof windbreaker jacket. 
A bag to keep your doll(s), camera, comb, etc. in. 
A tree to hang it all on. 

Harry being his classy self, hiding behind the doll.

I've been all into sun flares lately!
This photo is not the best, but I just love the purple, it looks so magical!

Snowflake being grumpy cause I won't let her cuddle with the doll.

Flower photography break!

The doll gets so bored she falls asleep standing up...
There she goes..!

Phew; she survived!
Would you like to see how the photos turned out? Leave me a comment and I'll post them!

Have a nice day!

P.S. Happy birthday, Emma Bunny! :)
My birthday gift to you!

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