07 March 2013


I'm sorry that I haven't posted in over a month. I'm just too lazy to get around it.
I'm still not really feeling it. I don't know when the next time that I post something, will be.
I have one, a bit annoying, question:
Does anyone read my blog?
Sorry, I'd just like to know. It's not that I don't think my possible readers do enough. I just feel like there's not really a need to continue if there's no one that appreciates it.

Another, less annoying I hope, question:
What would you like to see?
I have a lot of old photos in my iPhoto library, that are taken this fall to March. Would you like to see them?
Posts about my day(?)
More or less photos(?)
My art(?)
Or something else(?)
Some people have told me that they'd like to see posts about what I wear, etc. I could try to get around doing that if I know there's still someone how'd like to see it.
I want to write a blog that you would appreciate. Still it will be in my way. So opinions and ideas are very welcome, though they might not all be followed.

Now going back a bit to normal, some photos ...

Au revoir!

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  1. I totally read your blog! I would also love to see what you wear!


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