18 March 2013

Haul - H&M, Cubus

Yesterday me and my mom went shopping! I got a little sick by the car ride but it disappeared quite fast.
We got there two hours before they closed so it was a bit stressful since there were a lot of stores that I wanted to go to.
We made it to H&M and Cubus and this is what I got:

Striped Shorts With Braided Belt - H&M - 149 SEK
They're a bit big for me so the belt comes in handy. But I have my time to grow in them - it's going to snow again tomorrow ...

Crochet Shorts - H&M - 199 SEK
I've been wanting a pair of crochet shorts for so long and I absolutely love these!

Striped Skirt - H&M - 149 SEK
We were in quite a hurry when they were closing and bought these to try on at home cause I needed (and still do) another pair of shorts. When I come home and try them on I discover that it's not a pair of shorts, but a skirt. Not something I normally would have bought, but I like it!

Striped Pants - H&M - 179 SEK
 A bit different and really cool! They're a bit big in the back though ... But we're going to try to solve that with some sewing!

Sweater - Cubus - 199 SEK
The fabric in this shirt is so soft!

Shorts - Cubus - 149 SEK
These are really soft too, haha!

Hoodie - Cubus - 249 SEK
A comfortable, breezy, salmon-colored zip-up hoodie which is great right now cause our house is really cold! Burr ...

Should I do more hauls? :)




    1. Haha, now I have an excuse for mom to take me shopping!
      Happy you liked it!
      xo, Tilde

  2. Adorable pieces of clothing! I wish there was H&M and Cubus where I live, ha-ha. :-P

    1. There's no H&M? Wow! I don't know if there are any Cubus stores outside of Sweden, though.
      xo, Tilde


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