09 December 2012

December 9th - The Letter

Once upon a time, a girl wrote a letter to a girl over seas.
She attempted to write the correct address on the envelope, but no matter how careful she was it didn't turn out right.
Her mom helped her, and then they sent it away.
She wondered when it would arrive.
She hadn't heard anything from the girl over seas.
Late, late, late - long after the date - it arrived.
The girl over seas, was happy. She smiled and said "thank you". But, was it real?
The girl hoped so, but she still didn't know.
She asked, and got it confirmed.
Now the question of her's was; why had she done so.
She didn't knew what she was doing, she knew now.
Could she blame herself, or not?
The questions echoed in her mind.
She was so happy, that after all, her friend was kind.


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