01 December 2012

December 1st

Today it's the first of December, which I can barely believe!

The first snow came this Thursday, and I'm so happy! Last year we didn't get any snow until January, I think!

The problem about photo-space is finally solved, after appearing again!
(Thank you mom, for paying!)

I'll try my best to get 24 posts up from today till Christmas, if I miss a day I'll post the post (haha!) for that day when I can.

It's 23 days until Christmas, even though it feels like last Christmas was just last week!

Today I went to a Christmas market (more of that later!), got some allergic reaction to something so I couldn't be apart of my class' Lucia train (*sobs*), instead went home and watched TV and drank tea.

Tomorrow it's first Advent, and stores here are making the windows to their stores all Christmassy and pretty and I and mom are probably going to go to a little town close to us.

Oh, I almost forgot; I've now changed the name of my blog! As you might have noticed, the new name is "The Air Witch"! I feel like it fits me better than the old one (Though I'm still very thankful, Emma!). New design of the blog is also in progress!
If you want to hear the story behind the name, please tell me in the comments and I'll put it in a post!

Happy December,

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  1. Happy December Tilde!

    Thank you for following. :)

    I'd love to know the story behind the blog name .. I love those types of posts! :D

    P.S. We're having a linkup and would love it if you joined! :


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